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Recipes and Menus for Eating like an 10-11th Century Anglo-Saxon


  • Fresh water

It would be OK to drink fresh water. In the countryside, my persona would have access to clean wells and springs. During travels to York, he would not drink from the river as it was already too polluted to support barbel and graylings (both species requiring clean water that also swam next to York in the 9th Century). My persona would have access to at least one York well that deposited it's water into a cistern to settle the muddy water into clear water. Being well off, my persona would have brought water from the countryside in skins if traveling to York on horseback. Hagen extensively describes how Anglo-Saxons of the period were required by law to have access to clean water, whether by natural spring or dug well. Near and in 10th Century York, archaeological evidence exists for many wells. When England warmed in the 900's, precipitation deceased enough to dry some natural springs and drop stream water levels. Well digging and deepening was a regular duty of the inhabitants. Sources from the time indicate that many people drank water as their only liquid during fasting times, especially if someone was fasting to `expiate his wrong-doing'.

  • Milk

After skimming off the cream for cheese and butter, fresh milk would be drunk by those with access to cows. Milk was considered a status drink at the time.

  • Apple Juice

After drinking some organic unfiltered apple juice in CA, I bought a juicer and started making juice at home. Don't mind it being cloudy instead of clear. The extra fiber in my diet doesn't hurt either. YUM!

On fast days, almond milk has become a life line to me. Its filled with fat calories, which are virtually impossible to get otherwise before dusk. I'm thinking of making my own almond milk one of these days and adding honey to it before it cools.

  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Wine

Sides and misc




  • Kaliis Breakfast

Typically, I would eat kaliis with a glass of apple juice or water. Since the `scrambled french toast' is quite filling, I usually don't feel like augmenting the meal with milk. Sometimes I have a pork sausage patty with the kaliis: the grease from the pork adds a little zing to the kaliis when the kaliis is cooked in the same pan.

  • Griddle Cake Breakfast

I go for griddle cakes when its "big breakfast" time. One those days, I have a little cottage cheese and apple juice or milk with a griddle cake or two.

  • Oatmeal with Fruit

I try to have some milk or cottage cheese with oatmeal with fruit.

  • Apple juice

For abstinence day mornings. (We now buy apple juice by the gallon.)






Dinners on abstinence days 



A Feast

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